庆祝在高等教育领域工作的女性, twelve female academics at the bcw8白菜网论坛 were invited to be part of a series of photography portraits.

Each academic was asked to choose an object with which to be photographed, that either represented an aspect of their work or had some personal significance in their career. Some of the women are leading research in the most competitive areas; others are just starting on their journeys.

Inspired by the still and sombre paintings of 17th-century Dutch artist Rembrandt, fine-art photographer Miss Aniela has created a series of portraits that captures the lives and work of these women in subtle and intriguing ways.

These portraits show not only the rich variety of disciplines in which our female academics are contributing to global knowledge, 同时也揭示了他们的个人动机.

We hope the result is an exhibition that compels the viewer to pause, absorb and reflect.

The exhibition has now been given a permanent home on the first floor of the bcw8白菜网论坛 Library, and was also displayed for a week in the Upper Waiting Hall within the Houses of Parliament.

Bugewa Apampa教授

“Being a pharmacist is more than learning about drugs; interaction with patients is just as important. You have to be committed to caring about the person who is in need of pharmaceutical care. You need to be aware of the impact you can have on those who are unwell or who have long-term health conditions. That’s how I am and it’s what I encourage my students to be.”

Hataya Sibunruang博士

“I am fascinated by human behaviour, especially in what lies behind our desire to do well. 2022年白菜网址大全永远无法完全了解别人的动机, but we can identify whether the motivation comes from within or from an external influence and try to work out how organisations can enhance this. 给员工一种自主的感觉是主要因素.”


“I still remember it feeling like magic when I wrote my first program as a child, 并获得了一个计算机方面的布朗尼徽章. 那种兴奋和可能性的感觉从未离开过我. Technology can really empower when people are given the knowledge to understand it and tools that enable them to creatively engage with it.”

Eleftheria Lekakis博士

“I want students to understand why it’s important to follow the news, 知道世界上发生了什么. It concerns me that often young people declare their aversion to political things. The media needs to be critical and engaging, but also egalitarian and representative.”

Gail Davey教授

“十字架, 我儿子出生时给我的, is an Ethiopian orthodox cross and links my time in that country with my deepest level of motivation, 我的基督教信仰是什么. 十字架有点像钥匙, so it also represents the extraordinary opportunity I have as a scientist to unlock understanding of podoconiosis, 我研究的神秘疾病.”

Michelle Lefevre医生

“I teach my students that playfulness and creativity is a way of engaging with people, 找到进入他们生活的方法. My first degree was in music and my first published academic paper looked at how music can help in social work with children. I can see how important it is for social workers to unleash their creativity. 它打破了障碍. If you can be humble and playful it encourages others to be more open with you.”

Pamela Kea博士

“The camera for me is a symbol of what I do as an anthropologist. 它是关于在不断变化的当下捕捉人们的生活. 我把它与冒险和旅行的感觉联系在一起. But I am also interested in how people use photographs to present an idealised version of themselves and their imagined futures. 我感兴趣的是他们选择隐瞒什么.”


这本破旧的塞缪尔·贝克特的《2022年白菜网址大全》, an hour-anda- half-long monologue by a woman buried up to her waist – then her neck – in sand, is the one I had when I performed in the play as a theatre student. 所有 of Beckett’s plays are about the determination to continue, 继续前进的意志, in the face of the fundamental pointlessness and absurdity of life. I am an absolute optimist, but a realist too, and this very much reflects my view. I find Beckett’s work both philosophically challenging and comforting.”


“我喜欢某种司法系统的想法, 特别是在国际层面, 提供一个道德框架. 人 have (and have to) become more interested and involved now in the processes of law making. 他们要求辩论、透明度和, in my area of international trade law and development policies, 这是至关重要的.”


“When I learned that we had the remnants of supernovas in our bodies – that the iron in our blood has come from the death of a giant star – I felt quite overwhelmed. 它让一切都有了正确的认识. 作为一名物理学家, 我被驱使着去解决难题, while at the same time always looking at the bigger picture.”

Vinita Damodaran教授

“这些棕榈叶手稿, 十年前一个亲戚给我的, are from my home region of Southern India and contain knowledge about plants and plant medicine. I am researching these indigenous and colonial archives because environmental and climate change is going to hit us like a train. We need to understand how people have lived in these environments in the past to find ways to get out of this crisis.”


“没有双筒望远镜我就没法工作. We only want to be observers but having the binoculars makes it feel much more intimate; we can get much more detailed information whilst not intruding on the animals. 这双筒望远镜是我叔叔和我父亲的. I have some new, lighter ones, but I like the family association with these.”

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